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Are you sick and tired of thief’s jumping over your walls,fencing or gates.

Reduce the risk of them entering your property by installing these wall spikes onto your walls,fencing or gates.

Buy direct from our factory,various wall spikes at our Half Price.We running additional monthly specials for property developer’s, hardware stores and bulk ¬†buyers on a wide range of wall, vibricate, fencing and gates spikes.

BCS Vibricrete Wall Spikes

BCS Vibricrete Wall Spikes

Our vibricrete wall spikes Now R85 each

BCS Shark Teeth Wall Spikes

BCS Shark Teeth Wall Spikes

Our Galvanise or Electro Shark Teeth Wall Spikes Now only R75 for our 1.5 meter lenght.These sells on special at your Builders Warehouse stores at R155 each,Save over R80

Please Note : These Shark Teeth Spikes is galvanised or electro plated for extended years of rust free spikes.

We could also supply these spikes in raw form, without galvanising at only R65 per 1.5 lenghts whereby your welder could attached it to your gates and afterwards take the finished product for galvanising.

Single Scary Sword Wall Spikes

Single Scary Sword Wall Spikes

Our Scary Single Sword Wall Spikes tin 1.4 meter lenghts that fits between the vibricrete posts Now R295 each or in 3 meter lenghts at R560.

Scary Double Sword Wall Spikes

Scary Double Sword Wall Spikes

Our Scary Double Sword Wall Spikes is available at only R395 per meter.

These Scary Double Sword Wall Spikes is available direct to the public.

Please Note : These Double Scary Sword Wall Spikes is not yet readily available at your local hardware stores,however we anticipate to launch it shortly amongst all provinces and retail hardware outlets.

Buy direct all the above wall spikes from our Epping Cape Town factory showroom.

Trade and Bulk discounts are available on these already discounted wholesale prices.

Contact our Hardware trade sales consultants and enquire about our recently imported nails in 2 , 3 , 4 ,7 inch lenghts at only R410 per 25kg box and cloud nails at R540 per 25kg box.

Please Note : Our direct to the public Factory Showroom hours: only 4 hours daily from 8.30 am till 12.30am Monday to Friday.

Saturday : 9.30am till 1pm

Sunday’s : Closed

We deliver to all provinces in South Africa via reputable courier service providers with tracking numbers for complete piece for mind.

Contact : Cape Town Factory showroom : 0215353454 or 0215349751 or 0614017735 (whatsap or cell)

Please Note: Wall spikes is highly dangerous and cause severe injuries.Customers must ensure that they comply to all regulations and laws to ensure the safety use of these spikes.

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