Single Beds and Double Size Beds and Queen Size

We busy off loading New Imported Single Bed Stock -you’ll be surprise at these ridiculously low prices!

Buy direct at HALF PRICE from us at BCS Importers,Manufacturers and National Suppliers to the Furniture Stores,we deliver to all provinces in South Africa !

Additional Trade and Bulk discounts is available for furniture stores,hostels,school and University accomodation,guest houses and hotels on already discounted Half Sale prices.

Invest in Solid Pine Wood Beds that can pass onto your grand children at better prices than most imported super wood / mdf / compressed wood granules beds.

Now selling direct to the Public!

Furniture Retailers welcome to contact our wholesale retail department for additional store rebates / discounts !

Stunning carved wood with designer scroll steel headboards

Reinforced Single Bed Base with Extra Support Legs

Our Single bed’s above with stunning carved solid wood legs and designer scroll steel headboards with matching foot end, Now only R850 ,yes R850 selling direct to the Public.Save Hundreds of Rands

In 3/4 bed size,same bed as above Now R1000 Save over R1500

Prices below is Only for September 2017 till 31 September 2017 – factory HALF PRICE sale or until stock last.

These beds is designed with reinforced bases with extra centre legs for additional lateral support.

Standard Solid Wood Pine Divans,below in a range of colours.

Be creative by using these solid wood bed divans / bed bases to create your own interior decorating bed :

1. Add 2 wooden shoe trays with 4 wheels at R650 each (we all require extra packing space)

2.Add a complete matching under bed under these bed bases / divans, yes an extra bed or use the under bed as a large shoe or clothing packing drawer by inserting a large sheet of backing board.These underbeds without the backing  board Now R1 450,see far down below (add a mattress and have 2 beds in 1)

3 Add our various solid Pine Wood or designer fabric headboards to be use with these Solid Pine Wood divans / bed base’s, as below:

Pine Bed Divans

Pine Bed Divans

Divans in Raw Solid Pine  Wood (Not painted or varnished) :

Single bed size: R 790 (standard)

Single bed size : R1200 (heavy duty)

3/4 bed size : R 850 (standard)

3/4 bed size : R1300 (heavy duty)

Double bed size: R 950

Queen bed size: R 1200

Spray painted in white,mahogany or in natural clear varnish:

Single bed size: R 950 (standard)

Single bed size : R1350 (heavy duty)

3/4 bed size: R 1000 (standard)

3/4 bed size : R1500 (heavy duty)

Double bed size: R 1159

Queen bed size: R 1250

Pine Single Beds with Low Vertical or Horizontal Slated Headboards Now  R 1 400 Save over R 800 ,its the same designs as the L shape Bunk bed  below, which converts into single beds (the headboard and foot end are the same size) , as below:

Create your own Country or Contemporary Style Single bed,by just adding one of these knobs,which is readily available at most hardware stores …a bed with these knobs sells for over R 3 000 at your retail stores! Don’t waste money – Buy direct from us and fit them yourself and SAVE HUNDREDS OF RANDS!

Wooden finials ranges from R30 to R65 each. With these finials,these beds retails at your furniture stores from R2499 to R4500.

These classical beds above, could also be fitted with various round knobs or crafted finials as below, to render a classical trendy look!

Our Popular High Headboard Beds with no matching foot end and excluding safety rail (separately sold), as below :

Excluding : Safety Rail , Our High Slatted Headboard and top piece of wood on top of headboard with divan base / wooden bed with no foot end

Single bed size with wooden bed base with the designer top piece of wood on headboard : R 1 850 (not painted or varnish)

Single bed with wooden bed base with the designer top piece of wood on the headboard : Now only R2 400 (excludes safety rail) in smooth spray painted,smoothly maticulously sanded solid pine wood that could pass onto your next generation.Save over R3000

3/4 bed size with wooden bed base: R 2 050 (not painted or varnish),spray painted Now R2600

Double bed size with wooden bed base: R 2 550 (not painted or varnish)

Queen bed size with wooden bed base : R 2 850 (not painted or varnish)

Spray painted or varnished below:

Three quarter Now : R 2 650 (Spray painted in white,mahogany or clear varnish Save over R 2 500 excludes safety rail (safety rail prices are listed below):

Double Now : R 2 850 (Spray painted in white,mahoagny or clear varnish)

Queen Now : R 3 000 Save over R 3 000 (Spray painted in white,mahogany or clear varnish)

This Month’s Special : Exactly the same single bed (headboard with matching wood bed base) however without the flat piece of wood on top of the headboard Now R1500 with slightly thinner legs ..Save over R2000 .The headboard is nice and high with wooden slates with a slight designer curve on the edges to give an extra interior decorating designer effect.

Single Bed with High Headboard and Wooden Bed Base Now R1500 Save over R2000

Single Bed with High Headboard and Wooden Bed Base Now R1500 Save over R2000

Available in different colours.Buy now,limited stock available or until stock last.

These single beds retails from R3500 at most furniture stores.Buy direct at only R1500,now selling direct to the Public.

All colours available,white,lime wash,mahogany and stunning clear varnish to match most interior decorating laminating flooring.

Matching Solid Pine Wood 1 drawer pedestals Now R850 each (various colours).Underbed shoe boxes Now R695 each with wheels.

Our Open Slated Beds Solid Pine  Wood beds below with matching foot end, see the stunning matching foot end

Single beds with matching foot end (excluding safety rail)

Now R  2 000 (Raw – not painted or varnish)

Now: R 2 500 (Spray painted in white,mahogany or clear varnish)

3/4 bed with foot end:

Three Quarter beds (excluding safety rail) Now R 2 400  (Raw – not painted or varnish)

3/4 Bed Size :  R2 750 ( Spray painted in white,mahogany or clear varnish)

Double Bed Size : R 2600 (Raw – not painted or varnish)

Double Bed Size : R 3 800 (Spray painted in white, mahogany or clear varnish)

Queen Bed Size : R 2 800 (Raw – not painted or varnish)

Queen bed Size : R 4 200 (Spray painted or varnish)

(Available in white,mahogany,honey oak and stunning natural pine to match your laminating flooring)

Closed Slatted Solid Pine Wood Beds (Excluding Under bed and safety rail – Under bed Now:  R 1 450 , safety rail R 420 each):

Closed Slatted Single Bed

Closed Slatted Single Bed

Single bed with matching foot end : Now 2 850 (excluding under bed and safety rail) Save over R 2 000,yes Save Over R2000 on these beds

Three Quarter beds with matching  foot end (excluding under bed and safety rail ) Now R 3 150

Double beds with matching foot end (excluding under bed and safety rail) Now R 3 800

Queen beds with matching foot end (excluding under bed and safety rail) Now R 3 700

Buy direct from our factory and Save!

All our above Single Beds are available in a range of colours,namely Solid White / Lime wash, Mahogany, Honey Oak and Stunning Natural Oregon Pine that matches most laminating flooring and cupboards or if you got a more contemporary style, we also manufacture and import Extra Strong Superwood Sleigh beds with no visible natural wood grains.

In principle , if you find any of our quality, competitive priced in house manufactured products at any furniture retailer or manufacturers  at a lower price , in the same quality – tell us …..WE will  DEFINITELY beat their price!

Buy direct from us as Importers,Manufacturers and National Suppliers to the Furniture Stores!

Wooden Bed Safety Rails Now R 495 Available 1.4 meter long in white,mahogany,lime wash,natural varnish pine and iron wood!

Use these safety rails on any size bed,it slips easily under the bed mattress.Ideal for bed training and when you fall asleep with baby on your bed!

Wooden Pine Safety Rail

Wooden Pine Safety Rail

Safety must be your first priority!

Sleigh Beds are manufactured in house – Excellent for the Prince or Princess of the Castle – available in White and Mahogany at no extra cost!

Sleigh Beds in Solid South African Pine Wood (without matching foot ends – these beds will have the headboard with its base / wooden bed only).

These Solid Wood Sleigh Beds are available in:

1. Natural Varnish Pine,

2. Lime Wash (sprayed with white paint,whereby the wood grain shows thought the white paint)

3. Solid White (white sprayed with limited wood grain and occasional knots)

4. Iron wood (Mahogany sprayed,whereby the wood grain and knots shows beneath the mahogany stain)

5. Dark Mahogany (mahogany spray with limited wood grain and occasional knots)

Sleigh Bed without matching footend

Sleigh Bed without matching footend

91 cm Solid Sleigh Bed without foot end : R 2 650

107 cm (3/4 size bed) Solid Sleigh Bed without foot end : R 2 900

137 cm (Double size bed) Solid Sleigh Bed without foot end : R 3 950

157 cm (Queen size bed) Solid Sleigh Bed without foot end : R 4 500

183 cm (King size bed) Solid Sleigh Bed without foot end : R 5 500

We also manufacture the above Solid South African Pine Sleigh Beds with matching foot ends (includes the headboard,foot end and base) ,as follows:

Mahogany Sleigh Bed with Matching Foot End

Mahogany Sleigh Bed with Matching Foot End

91 cm Solid Sleigh Beds with matching foot end : R 2 950

107 cm (3/4 bed size) with matching foot end : R 3 700

Sleigh Beds (complete bed with side rails and foot end in Superstrong Superwood / MDF ) - as below  – Now : R2300 Save over R2000 on these beds

Single Sleigh Bed Headboards Now R 1 599 Save over R600 and Double Sleigh headboards Now R 2 200 Save over R1000..Buy direct and Save!

Our Exclusive Single Wander High Sleigh Bed as below:

-its manufactured in strong Superwood / Mdf and is not one of our imported Ply Wood Sleigh beds which are sold at most furniture stores.These heavy duty beds are mostly bought by Upmarket furniture stores and Interior Decorators direct from us!

- with a stunning solid wood round scroll on the top lip of the headboard and foot end,

- with additional carved in lays in both the headboard and foot end

Now : R2999 – Save over R5000 YOU decide …..if you like a high foot end or a low foot end – the low foot end would render seating space at the end of the bed depending on the thickness of the mattress Both the high and low foot end Sleigh beds sells at the same price! A “must see and feel ” in order to appreciate its quality and designs ……. it’s absolutely stunning!

This is the most Upmarket Designer Heavy duty Single Sleigh bed that cannot be benchmark against any imported or local Sliegh bed at most furniture store! It’s mostly being manufactured by us for interior decorators and selective ”interior decorating stores”.These Single Sleigh Beds retails from R7999 ,buy direct from us at R 3 999 and Save over R5000 !

Many bed designs could be manufactured to clients requirements eg. Various Primary Colour Flower Beds ,Carved out Flowers into headboards with foot ends and side rails etc.

We also manufacture and sell headboards in Sleigh designs now direct to the Public!

Our Imported Car Beds with moulded wheels (looks like the real thing) below Now R 2 399 (currently out of stock,however pay your deposit in advance to secure this bed – new stock arriving soon!)

Buy direct and Save Hundreds of Rands! Available in a range of colours!

Find any of these Car Beds any place cheaper ….Tell us and we will reduce the Price!

See these wheels and benefits:

Bed training is fun and these car beds brings with it excitement to get into their beds,whereby they can pretend being a professional car racers.

Create the ideal sleeping environment for both sexes , not expensive and fits most parents budget.

Stimulate their minds and give them a choice to select their own big sleeping play toy.

Keep them entertained and the sides acts as a tact full safety rail feature.

More Imported Single beds to be loaded onto website in due course!

Safety Bed Rails:

Hand Sprayed Safety Rails as above in smooth Solid Pine Wood finishes – reduces the risk that your toddler falls of the bed or when baby sleeps with Mom on her double or queen size bed!

It creates a sense of safety for bed training ,specially handy when little one starts to sleep in his or her own bed!

These Smooth finish hand sprayed safety rails fits all beds, easily slides underneath any size mattress, Now selling direct to the Public at R 420 Save over R 300.

View also our steel and fabric Bed Safety Rails in our baby cot section.

A MUST HAVE in every home:  Deep Underneath Bed drawers on Wheels !

We all need that Extra Packing Space – ideal for shoes,clothing or toys.

Buy Now your matching under bed drawers direct from our Showroom for only R650 each (size 90cm x 90cm) in Solid Wood Save over R400.

Please Note: Only the front part of these shoe boxes is solid wood,the box is manufactured in white melamine board with 4 castor wheels

Two of these under bed drawers fits under a single or 3/4 bed or buy an under bed at R 1 450 and use it as a shoe drawer and a extra bed (just buy a piece of hardboard to cover the open slates – the open slatted base,where the mattress lay’s on, is designed for the mattress to breath!)

No space wasted under your beds – it covers the entire under bed space of your single beds,no need to crawl under your single bed for those shoes,toys or clothes !

Please visit our other HALF PRICE furniture , couches ,baby cots webpages or our Showroom for any customise beds to be manufacture to YOUR requirements – Call of showroom at  021 534 9751 or 021 535 3454

Trade and Bulk discounts available ! Call us now! All friends and family must know! Tell them!

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