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Buy direct various Designer Headboards and matching Bed Benches or Chaise Bedroom Couches at far below retail prices direct from us at BCS Importers,Manufacturers and National Supplier to the Furniture Stores.

Block Headboard and Matching Chaise End of Bed Couch

Block Headboard and Matching Chaise End of Bed Couch

We supply country wide from Cape Town , Johannesburg , Pretoria , Durban , Port Elizabeth , Polokwane , Bloemfontein , Nelspruit , George , East London and neighbouring countries , namely Namibia , Botswana and Mozambique

Please find our in-house manufactured prices below……we do the work ourselves….unlike most others……true value added service,quality,craftmanship and unbeatable prices…..yes …inform us of any other manufacturer and we will attempt to out number reputable competitors (full disclosure and transparency requested),as we manufacture our headboards with a distinct touch of exclusivity…. as you select your own fabric and style in height and width …create that WOW effect / Interior Designer effect ….with a headboard running from your bed up to the ceiling or in our popular heights as listed below:

Solid Pine Wood Headboards :

Please note : Our Solid Pine Headboard thickness ranges (seasonal),therefore it’s best to personal view our Solid Pine headboards at our direct to the Public Showroom or request from our sales consultants to whatsap or email you our current designs!

Open Wooden Slatted Headboards with Top cover wood piece for that all year round Holiday interior decorating effect :

Open Wooden Slatted Raw Headboards (unvarnished) :

Single bed size : R800

3/4 bed size : R900

Double bed size : R1000

Queen bed size: R1200

King bed size : R1500

Maticulously Sprayed in Solid White,Mahogany and Clear Varnish that compliments most laminating flooring :

Various Colours Open Wood Slatted Headboards:

Singe bed size:  R1000

3/4 bed size: R1100

Double bed size: R1300

Queen bed size : R1500

King bed size: R1750

Exactly the same headboard,as above however without the gaps in between the wood slates.This headboard is called our Closed Slatted Headboards (no gaps in between wooden slates).

Closed Country Style Headboard (excludes the bed and matching footend)

Closed Slatted Headboard (excludes the bed and matching footend)

Closed Slatted Headboards (no gaps between the wood slates) : Stunning fine lines inside the headboard for that upmarket expensive solid wood effect.

Raw (unvarnished and NOT spray painted) – Headboard prices only below :

Single bed size : R950

3/4 bed size: R1100

Double bed size: R1500

Queen bed size:R1600

King Bed size:R1700

Varnished or Spray painted in Solid White,Mahogany or Clear varnish:

Single bed size: R1200

3/4 bed size:R1350

Double bed size: R1650

Queen bed size:R1850

King bed size: R2250

Our Country High Style Solid Wood Headboard with slight curve out slots next the the standing post / legs.

Contemporary Solid Pine Wood Headboards With Curve Cut Outs

Contemporary High Solid Pine Wood Headboards With Curve Cut Outs

Raw (not painted or varnished) : Headboard prices only below :

Single bed size : R 550

3/4 bed size : R 650

Double bed size : R 850

Queen bed size : R 1000

Spray painted or varnished in white,mahogany or stunning natural pine varnish :

Single bed size: R 700

3/4 bed size: R 850

Double bed size : R 950

Queen bed size : R 1200

Trade and Bulk orders : Additional discounts for all trade and volume purchases for retail furniture stores,hotels and bulk volume purchases.

Bring in your fabric and design and we will manufacture it for YOU…..why spent Thousand of Rands for something you don’t really want.

You know that feeling…that’s only heard after the event or during the decision making process …”it’s not really what I wanted or actually want”! Now you have an option !

We will manufacture your Interior Decorating Designer Headboard for YOU…invest in comfort and style at competitive / unbeatable prices !

Block Headboard and Matching Chaise End of Bed Couch

Deep Button Headboard and Matching Fully Covered Bench

Click on the images below,to view them in zoom format in order to appreciate our distinct craftsmanship!

BCS Stitch Diamond Headboard Headboards with wingback

BCS Plain Headboard Headboards

BCS Full Bull Nose Border with Square Shape Button Headboards Headboard

BCS Square Stitch Button Headboards Headboard

BCS Deep Diamond Button Headboard Headboards with same material or leather cover buttons

BCS Deep Diamond Button Headboards Headboard with Diamond Buttons

BCS Three Panel Double Piping Headboards Headboards

BCS Three Panel Single Piping Headboards Headboard

BCS Diagonal Headboards Headboard

BCS Three Panel Saddle Stitch Headboard Headboards

Click on these headboard pictures in order to enlarge these images… to appreciate the true value of distinct craftsmanship!

BCS Fluted Headboard Headboards

Fluted Headboard
Fluted Headboard

Fluted Headboard

Fluted Headboard sizes:
Single Bed Size Width : 1170 cm
700 mm : R1000 fabric 1.5mts
900 mm : R1100 fabric 1.5mts
1200 mm : R1300 fabric 3mts
Double Bed Size Width : 1470 cm
700 mm : R1100 fabric 2mts
900 mm : R1200 fabric 2mts
1200 mm : R1500 fabric 4mts
Queen Bed Size Width : 1630 cm
700 mm : R1400 fabric 2mts
900 mm : R1500 fabric 2mts
1200 mm : R1800 fabric 4 mts
King Bed Size Width: 1950 cm
700 mm : R1500 fabric 2.5mts
920 mm : R1600 fabric 2.5mts
1200 mm : R2100 fabric 5mts
These prices above also applies to the diagonal Headboard as well.
Diagonal Headboards

Diagonal Headboards

We however need an extra 1 meter more fabric on all headboards for the diagonal designs (add 1 meter to the diamond headboard’s required fabric meters).
Deep diamond button Headboard
Deep Button Headboard Without Wings

Deep Button Headboard Without Wings

Deep diamond button Headboard:
Headboard sizes:
Single Bed Size Width : 1170 cm
700 mm : R1300 fabric 2.5mts
900 mm : R1400 fabric 2.5mts
1200 mm : R1600 fabric 4.5mts
Double Bed Size Width : 1470 cm
700 m : R1400 fabric 3mts
900 mm : R1500 fabric 3mts
1200 mm : R1700 fabric 5mts
Queen Bed Size Width : 1630 cm
700 mm : R1550 fabric 3mts
900 mm : R 1650 fabric 3mts
1200 mm : R1900 fabric 5mts
King Bed Size Width: 1950 cm
700 mm : R1450 fabric 3.5
900 mm : R1600 fabric 3.5
1200 mm : R 2400 fabric 7.5mts
Pintuck Headboard
Pintuck Headboard

Pintuck Headboard

Pintuck headboard
Single Bed Size Width 1170mm
700mm : R1050 fabric needed 1.5mts
900mm : R1250 fabric needed 1.5mts
1200mm: R1450 fabric needed 2mts
Double Bed Size Width 1470mm
700mm: R1350 fabric 2mts
900mm: R1400 fabric 2mts
1200mm: R1500 fabric 2mts
Queen Bed Size Width 1630mm
700mm: R1400 fabric 2mts
900mm: R1500 fabric 2mts
1200mm:R1650 fabric 2.5mts
King Bed Size Width 1950mm
700mm:R 1400 fabric 2.5mts
900mm:R 1800 fabric 2.5mts
1200mm: R1950 fabric 3mts
Wings on Headboards Extra R850 to R1100

Wings on Headboards Extra R850 to R1100

For any wings to all headboards,add 1 meter fabric for the 700 or 900 high headboards Now only an additional R750 for 2 wings  for the (700 and 900mm high) and an additional 1.5 meters of fabric for the 1200mm high for 2 wings at only R850 extra (additional to the headboards manufacturing cost).
Panel Headboards
Panel Headboard

Panel Headboard

Please Note : The manufacturing of these panel headboards requires much more labour hours and material.
Now selling direct to the Public :

Various sizes and heights is available of these Panel Headboards : Our most popular sizes below:
Double Bed Size : 1200 x 1470 Now R3200 (6 meter required)
Queen Bed Size : 1200 x 1630 Now R3500 (6 meters required)
Please Note:
All headboard materials / fabric must be supplied by customers.Good Quality Upholstry fabrics could be purchased directly from Khels Upholstery Fabric Wholesalers in Maitland from only R20 to R50 per meter.

Panel headboard with blend in matching Chaise Bea / End of Bed Couch / Lounge Interior decorating Chaise Bea
Chaise bed at the end of YOUR bed with Matching Headboard
Chaise bed at the end of YOUR bed with Matching Headboard
Let’s create together an upmarket interior decorating bedroom by manufacturing YOU a matching chaise bed / various designs foot end benches for that WOW bedroom designer effect.
View our range of chaise bea / designer bed foot end benches via our webpage on couches and lounge suites.
Some of our popular range of chaise bea / bed foot end benches below,view prices and sizes via our couches webpage.
These looks stunning with matching headboards.

Christie Red Chaise Bea

Christie Red Chaise Bea

Chaise bea with Scroll Arms

Chaise bea with Scroll Arms

Deep Button Bench

Deep Button Bench

Our Purple design (last picture above) ,namely our above bed end benches or lounge chaise benches with long carved out 4 wood legs Now only R850 .Supply only 1 meter fabric and is stunning with your matching headboard in approximately 90 cm in lenght or at only R1 650 in 1.3 meter in length with 6 legs.These 1.3 meter benches requires only 1.5 meters of fabric and also looks amazing in genuine leather at R1650 (excludes your 1.5  meter fabric or genuine leather).

Bed Benches or Lounge Benches

Bed Benches or Lounge Benches

Please Note : We also import and manufacture various upmarket designer headboards,fully upholstered and wooden sleigh beds , couches and furniture ! NOW selling direct to the Public at 30 to 50 % of your average retail prices – view our other web pages for these amazing deals,chest of drawers,sleeper couches,tables,pedestals etc.!

Sleigh Box Headboards as above in Solid MDF / Super-wood , double bed size Now R999 Save over R1000 Crazy Public Special !

Single Sleigh Super-wood headboards as above Now R899 to create that designer bedroom !

All Sleigh Headboards and Full Complete Sleigh Beds are available in Mahogany and White !

Extra hand carved out circle pattern on the centre and side of headboard Now R235 extra !

Various sizes of headboards are available from Single bed , 3/4 , Double, Queen and King sizes , please request prices !

Sleigh Wander High Headboards as above in Solid MDF / Super-wood :

- Carved out panel

- Thick Scroll on lip of headboard

- Double bed size Now R1650 Save over R2000

Bonded Leather headboards below:

Bonded Leather Granules with Polyurethane Headboards

Bonded Leather Granules with Polyurethane Headboards

Bonded Leather Headboards, it’s left over pieces of hides blended together to form a seamless piece of leather and treated with polyurethane coating to give it that even grain which is also referred to as Bi-cast Leather in the furniture industry Now R1650 Save over R2000

We also manufacture Genuine Leather Headboards at clients requests from R3500 (Cow Hides) to Exotic Game Skins ranging from R6700 to R15 000 (Zebra,Springbok,Blesbok,Ostrich Leather etc.)

BCS Genuine Leather Headboards

BCS Genuine Leather Headboards Red

Stunning Open Slatted Country Style or Beach House Solid Pine Headboards or Closed Slatted Headboards (with no gaps between slatted pieces in headboard) from R750 each in Mahogany,Honey Oak,White / Limewash and Natural Varnish Pine …..various designs manufactured to clients requirements.

BCS Touch of Class with Deep Button Headboard

We also manufacture Custom Made Designer Upholstered Headboards as above in an array of designs. You tell us if you want:

Panel headboards up till your ceiling ,

Deep buttons in same fabrics as in the picture above or in crystal buttons ,

Please Note : For custom made headboards – Measure your height from your mattress till where you want your headboard and its width.We could manufacture your Headboard with wooden invisible slates that you’ll need to fix to your wall to render a minimum space between your wall and the headboard or we can manufacture it with wooden legs .If we manufacture it with wooden legs , you’ll need to measure your leg height from the floor to the headboard or BUY our standard AMAZING ready made headboards!

Two headboard foam option thickness are available,namely the 50 mm and 100 mm foam thickness.

All Headboards are also available in full bed versions with baseboards , side rails and footends at extra cost…be creative and be inspired by the following designs,it’s amazing how these headboards above, transforms into these rooms below,with the correct bedding,lamp shades and accessories :

BCS Square Panel Headboards Headboard

BCS Floor to Ceiling Headboards Headboard

BCS Square Block Diamond Shape Inspirational Headboards Headboard

BSC Creative Diamond Button Headboards Headboard with wooden border

BCS Out of this World Fluted Headboard Headboards

BCS Diamond Wing Back Headboard with Wing Back leg starting from the floor

Don’t forget to view our other HALF PRICE range of furniture and beds direct to the Public via our other web pages.

Buy direct and Save Thousands of Rands. All friends and family must know!

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