Burglar Bars Gates and Fencing

Buy direct various window burglars bars,security gates and fencing from us at BCS Importers,Manufacturer’s and Suppliers.

Please Note: Our steel devision manufactures or import and supply the following items to Hardware Stores,Retail Furniture and Baby Stores,Property Developers and most recently direct to the General Public.

Our steel division products is group into various respective webpages,namely :

  1. Burglar bars,security gates and fencing (this webpage below)
  2. Household steel beds,plasma units and furniture (own webpages)
  3. Security wall spikes (own webpage)
  4. Washing lines (own webpage)
  5. Steel components for office furniture (own webpage)
  6. Steel brackets and poles for carports (own webpage)

Our Burglars bars,gates and fencing is now on sale direct to the public. Trade and Bulk discounts is available to retail stores on these already discounted prices. Buglar Bars for windows: Security Gates: Fencing:

Front and backdoor gates Now R800 Save Hundreds of Rands.

BCS Burglar Bar Gates Front and Back Door Gate

BCS Burglar Bar Gates Front and Back Door Gate

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