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Buy direct brand new car seats from us at BCS Importers,Manufacturers and Sppliers.Now selling direct the Public!

Special store rebates,bulk discounts available to orphanages (social responsibility initiative),  baby and furniture retail stores.

Please Note: Various Car seats are being off loaded and transferred between our warehouse,trade clients and public showroom.

We deliver to all provinces in South Africa via the Post Office with tracking numbers for complete piece of mind.

Request for special rates : for Post office to Post Office deliveries.Pick up you car seat at your nearest post office and SAVE or for convenience at additional cost,it could be delivered to your door.

Buy first time right your desired car seat for comfort and peace of mind!

Please Note: We run monthly specials on car seats at various stores or pop in a t our factory showroom for any Excess Stock Discount Specials on Selected Car Seats!

View our special discounted car seat range below via our website or for a more personal touch at our public showroom.

Place orders telephonically with our showroom consultants, to reserve your selected car seat,as stock is limited to design and colour.

Our Boogie Infant Car Seat :

Two colours available : Sky Blue and Red in stock

A practical  car seat that meets hospital baby release requirements and handy when going to a restaurant,party or hospital visits for sleeping,carrying and car safety strap in purposes.

Easy to carry around when you did’nt buy one of our complete travel systems (pram with matching car seat) or when you already have a pram.

Now only: R500

Boogie Car Seat Front View Now R500

Boogie Car Seats Now R500

Boogie Car Seat Features :

  • Sun canopy
  • Head support pillow with shoulder pads
  • One pull adjusting inner harness
  • Easy grip handle
  • Light weight
  • practical,as baby’s first year car seat!

Approximate Dimensions : 74.5cm x 44cm x 88cm

Weight : 18kg

Our amazing Golden SABS approved Car Seat selling now direct to the Public for only R899,yes we sell a car seat for below R1000.

Unbeatable Special for only R899 Save over R400 (SABS approved -unbeatable special).

Car seats for this age groups sells at most retail stores for over R1200

For little ones of 9kg and heavier…approximately for age groups between 1.5 and 6 years with additional removable padding for longer use – this seat grows with your toddler.

Special Me Car Seat

Special Me Car Seat

Our SABS Approved Golden and  Platinum Range Car Seats:

SABS Car Seats

SABS Car Seats

SABS Approved Car Seats

Number 1 : Infant car seat with hood and adjustable straps Now only R750 with a special feature that hooks into the food tray of most baby prams.

Number 2 : Standard Golden Comfy car seat with extra removable padding for infant and toddler use (grows with baby)  Now R899 Save over R1000

Number 3 : Our Platinum Car Seat with Height adjustable headrest, high backrest for longer use and removable booster seat.It’s a 2 in 1 (a car seat and booster seat) Now R1300 Save over R1500 (this month’s managers special – compare this car seat to other competitive structural support SABS approved car seat and SAVE over R1500,Now selling direct to the public at only R1300), with the following features:

  • Height adjustable backrest
  • Side protection head panels
  • Padded backrest and seat
  • Fastens easily in vehicle with 3 point safety belt
  • Car seat that grows with baby,with removable backrest that converts into a booster seat

From 9 to 36 kilograms as per European ECE R44/C3 regulations.

Dimensions : 74cm x 44cm x 87.5cm (4pc)

Weight : 22kg

Number 4 : Booster Seat Now only R299 Very practical for toddlers to ensure an adjusted view in order for them to look outside.These booster seats doesn’t take up much space, as with your ordinary car seats.

Atlantis Car Seats:


  • Side protection system
  • Four position reclining back rest (excellent sleeping position feature)
  • Non slide shoulder pads with stomach pillow
  • Energy absorbing plastic mould
  • Polystyrene inner – removable,grows with your little one!
  • Can be used as a booster seat
  • Inner adjusting harness
  • Recommended Use 0 – 25 kilolgrams (practical usage of up to 7 years old)

Order NOW these car seats telephonically and reserve your car seats via eft or cash deposits (limited stock available on these special deals – to be transferred to our direct to the Public showroom)

Now only R 2 450 .Take advantage of this remarkable special! Call Now to reserve your car seat!

Red Atlantis Car Seats Now on Special at R2450

Black Atlantis Car Seat Now on Special at R2450

Red Atlantis Car Seat Side View Now on Special R2450

The Atlantis Car Seat is also available in a PU leather (not genuine leather – breathable leather look) Now R2750 Save over R400,yes over R400 SAVING, direct from our factory satellite showroom.

Chelino Veyron Delux

  • Inner adjusting harness
  • Non slide shoulder pads with stomach pillow
  • Reclining back rest
  • Polystyrene inner
  • Extra inner padding
  • Three position recline

From 0-25kg as per European ECE R44/03 regulations

Now R1650

Racer Car Seat:


  • Side protection system
  • Inner adjusting harness
  • Non slide shoulder pads with stomach pillow
  • Four position reclining back rest, into semi sleeping position
  • Energy absorbing plastic mould
  • Polystyrene inner
  • Can be used as a booster seat
  • Recommended Use : From 9 to 36 kilograms as per European ECE R44/03 regulations.

Now only : R1900 (Material)

Racer Car Seat : Material Now R1900

Now only :R2300 (PU breathable leather -it’s not genuine leather)

Racer Car Seats : PU Leather Now R2000

Grand Sport Isofix Car Seats:

Features :

  • Side protection system
  • Inner adjusting harness
  • Non slide shoulder pads with stomach pillow
  • Four position reclining back rest
  • Energy absorbing plastic mould
  • Polystyrene inner
  • ISO Fix anchorage points,clips into back seat of modern cars – check your car manual for this feature – could also be use with seat belts.

Now only R2800

Grand Sport Iso Fix Car Seats Now R2800

Grand Sport Iso Fix Car Seat Rear View Now R2800

Grand Sport ISO FIX Car Seats Side View Now R2800

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