Couches and Lounge Suites

Day beds,Chaise Bea’s and Lounge Suites made to customer requirements at 90% of the time at HALF their retail prices!

*Please Note : The prices listed below are for the manufacturing  of Brand New Couches and only excludes the required upholstery fabrics or genuine leather to cover them.Upholstery fabrics must be supplied by you!

Remember, we also offer recovering / reupholstery service of your existing couches,chairs or entire lounge suites in material or genuine leather at +/- Half Price, when benchmarked against other reputable competitors / service providers – as we do the work ourselves unlike most others!

Our sales consultants would highly recommend or advise various exclusive upholstery wholesalers that retails material from R20 to R50 per meter and couch legs from R15 to R45 each. Remember a designer couch leg renders a distinct charactor attribute to any interior decorating setting.Couch legs are available in stainless steel,chrome and classical or carved wood.

We supply the entire inner structural wood frame , foam and square legs for all couches, as per the Red Christie Couch below.

Day beds - first blue couch - above – in the colour of your choice Now R2200 Save over R2000 -A real elegant piece, mostly acquired by interior decorators!

Meters required : 9

Please Note : All couches on this webpage will be supplied with square block legs, as per the red couch below,any fancy legs you could supply,which sells from R15 to R45 each, as mentioned above.

Bolsters / Round long pillows sells at R120 each at cost ,upon the purchase if any couch and requires 1/2 meter of fabric per Bolster.

Size: 1700 L x 600 W x 700 H

You bring in your design,our upholstery department will manufacture your dream couch to your requirements!

Chaise Bea’s (light green couch) and Christie designs (Red couch) below Now R2300 Save over R1800 (excludes your 7 meters of fabric to be supplied by you !) – A “must have couch” in any interior decorating home!

Size: 1700 L x 700 W x 700 H

Our Luvly couch below (black and white printed couch -with two arms and a back rest ) without any centre button’s on the arms or arm rest  Now R2650 Save over R1000 !

Meters required : 9

Stetson Couch below: R3500 Save over R2800

Meters required : 15

Size: 2.5 m L x 950 W x 600 H

Jehaan Couch below: R3600 in mix curl fill backrest..feels like a duvet inner! Save over R3000

Meters required : 15

Size: 2.4 m L x 950 W x 700 H

All couches are Well Constructed to allow lateral stability and comfort!

Do’nt forget to visit our Sleeper Couches web page for all our HALF PRICE Sleeper couches – a  “practical couch ” for every home – ideal for sleep overs or emergency accommodation!

If you really want to make a WOW statement,buy our deep button Chaise,as below for R4000 , includes modern classical legs – 9 meters required (excludes your material).

Size: 1700 L x 700 W x 700 H

Our collector piece – the ever renowned : Chesterfield Couch below Now R6500 Save over R8000 Yes R8000 -price these couches at YOUR nearest store!

Diamond ottoman:  R550

Meters requirements: 3meters

Size: 600 x 600 x 450 cm

Cubed ottoman: R300

Meters requirements: 2

Size: 400 x 400 x 450 cm

Kist : R850

Meters requirements: 4

Size: 1370 x 400 x 500 cm

Trade and Bulk discounts available as well! Retailer’s welcome – stock rebates!

Our Chaise with studs,and classical legs and diamond buttons: Now : R3500 (excluding 9 meters of material)

Size: 1700 L x 700 W x 700 H

Chaise with studs and buttons on arms

Our Glamour Daybeds for that photo shoot moment,with crystal buttons and chrome legs below, Now : R3 600 (excludes your 8 meters of fabric to be supplied by you).

Size: 1700 L x 700 W x 700 H

Daybed with crystal buttons and chrome legs

Let’s manufacture your couches or lounge suite to your requirements, taking cognisance of your floor space and wall restrictions – an opportunity which doesn’t exist at your average furniture retail stores!

Our Green L shape lounge Couches as above with loose cushions and piped on the edges,with overlap backrest onto the arms:

Seating area will be 90 cm wide,to accommodate the following sizes, as follows :

2 meter x 2 meter L  shape : Now R5700 – for both couches ,1 couch of 2 meter and the other of 1.1 meter (excludes your 22 meters of material)

3 meter x 3 meter L shape Now R7 700 for both couches, 1 couch of 3 meter and the other couch of 2.1 meter (excludes 28 meters of material)

Our Upmarket wide arm L shape Couches below:

Cream L shape Couches with wide arm rests

Seating area will be 9o cm wide,therefore :

2 meter x 2 meter Now R5 700 (for both couches, 1 couch of 2 meter and the other couch of 1.1 meter) ,excludes 22 meters material required.

3 meter x 3 meter L shape Now R7 700 (for both couches, 1 couch of 3 meter and the other couch of 2.1 meter), excludes 28 meters material required.

The above 4 scatter cushions is included in the above labour price.

Please Note: Scatter cushions size : its 60cm x 60cm in size and would require 65cm of fabric per cushion = total of 2.6 meters (round it off at 3 meters)

Our Standard L shape without loose cushions,as below :

Choclate Brown L shape Couches without loose cushions

Choclate Brown L shape Couches without loose cushions

Seating area will be 90 cm wide,therefore:

Now selling direct to the Public at

R5 200 – 2 meter x 2 meter L shape design (for both couches,1 couch of 2 meter and the other of 1.1 meter) ,excludes your 22 meters material to be supplied by you.

R6700 – 3 meter x 3 meter L shape design (for both couches, 1 couch of 3 meter and the other of 2.1 meter) ,excludes your 28 meters material to be supplied by you.

- we’ll recommend - upholstery fabric suppliers -selling upmarket fabrics from R30 to R60 pm) !

Don’t waste your money – BUY DIRECT from us and SAVE THOUSANDS OF RANDS!

How many of us wants a GENUINE LEATHER LOUNGE SUITE but can’t afford it!

Forward us a picture of your desired Genuine Leather Lounge Suite or Couch and be amazed by our Quote – Remember our price structure would be an approximate cost saving of +/- 1/4 of the retail price,as we do the work ourselves unlike the retail stores.

If you got +/- R10 000  (depending on your lounge suite size),you could Save over R15000 then buying a new Genuine Leather lounge suite!

We could also recover /reupholster your existing lounge suite – who will ever know!  – Buy the Leather or Material and we’ll render an effective and simple service by covering your existing Lounge Suite in Genuine Leather or upmarket upholstery fabrics of your choice !

Take pictures of your existing lounge suite (all sides and of each couch) ,email it to our sales consultants below and we’ll forward you an quote inorder to make an informed decision.

No need to waste your time to drive around!  Do it from the comfort of your home!

When benchmark our reupholstery services against other reputable companies, our service fees renders a cost saving of up and close to HALF PRICE of industry service charges!

Call our showroom Now at 021 535 3454 or 021 534 9751 or email your queries to our marketing department at or

All friends and Family must know!                     Trade and Bulk discounts available!

Retailer’s welcome – stock rebates!

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