Spikes Burglar Bars Security Gates Sharp Wall Spikes and Steel Fencing

Buy direct various window burglars bars,security gates,sharp wall spikes and fencing from us at BCS Importers,Manufacturer’s and Suppliers.

Our factory teams technical expertise and exposure with various security projects ranging from GOVERNMENT PRISONS,Blocks of flats,Security Complexes and PRIVATE Residences, renders us the edge to complete any size project within reasonable timeframes.

With our inhouse epoxy paint ovens,we render quicker turnaround times than conventional welders due to our technology advance welding equipment, years of experience, flexibility and hands on approach.
Please Note: We offer additional trade discounts to Hardware Stores,Retail Stores,Property Developers,Resellers and  now selling direct to the General Public (bulk discounts available).

BCS Steel Division

BCS Steel Division

Our steel division products is group into various respective webpages,namely :

1. Burglar bars,wall spikes,security gates and fencing (this webpage below).

2. Household steel beds,plasma units and furniture (own webpages)

3. Washing lines (own webpage)

4. Steel components for office furniture (own webpage)

5. Steel brackets and poles for carports (own webpage)

Our Burglars bars,gates and fencing is now on sale direct to the public. Trade and Bulk discounts is available to retail stores on these already discounted prices.

BCS Buglar Bars for windows, Security Gates and Fencing:

Front and backdoor gates Now R800 Save Hundreds of Rands.

BCS Entry Level Residential Gates

BCS Entry Level Residential Gates

We customize and manufacture various gates and burglar bars to customers requirements.

Easy steps: Take a picture of a gate or steel with brick fencing in your neighborhood or holiday village and give us the opportunity to make it for you at a competitive price.

We do not take suggest that you take short cuts by cutting out the WELL KNOWN rust prevention processes inorder to SAVE A FEW HUNDREDS OF Rands.

We therefore strongly recommend that all gates and burglars bars must be Galvanize or Electroplated, to reduce the rusting of  gates that will render a longer rust free life span and less service repaint intervals (less headaches and  no need for repainting your gates every year).

BCS Security Gates and Interlocking Panels

BCS Security Gates and Interlocking Panels

Unlike most gate manufacturers ,that outsource their work.We manufacture ourselves thus you SAVE HUNDREDS OF RANDS .

Are you sick and tired of thief’s jumping over your walls,fencing or gates.

Reduce the risk of them entering your property by installing these wall spikes onto your walls,fencing or gates.

Buy direct from our factory,various wall spikes at our Half Price.We running additional monthly specials for property developer’s, hardware stores and bulk  buyers on a wide range of wall, vibricate, fencing and gates spikes.

BCS Vibricrete Wall Spikes

BCS Vibricrete Wall Spikes

Our vibracrete wall spikes Now R95 each SAVE OVER R70

BCS Shark Teeth Wall Spikes

BCS Shark Teeth Wall Spikes Now R80 Save over R70

Our Galvanise or Electro Shark Teeth Wall Spikes Now only R85 for our 1.5 meter lenght or if you unable to visit our factory showroom,buy these at yoyr selected Builders Warehouse stores at R145 each,Save over R70 each when you buy it direct from our Epping Cape Town factory showroom.

We deliver to all provinces at competitive rates.

Please Note : We have these Spikes available at our factory.Inform us if you require volumes inorder for us to transfer it, the day before to our factory showroom.

These Shark Teeth Spikes is galvanised or electro plated for extended years of rust free spikes.

We could also supply these spikes in raw form, without galvanising at only R65 per 1.5 lenghts whereby your welder could attached it to your gates and afterwards take the finished product for galvanising.

Our Single Sword 270mm WALL SPIKES IN 3 METER LENGHTS ,below:

Single Scary Sword Wall Spikes

Single Scary Sword Wall Spikes

Our Scary Single Sword Wall Spikea in 3 meter lenghts at R670 each.Give Us the opportunity to BEAT any other Cape Town Manufacturers Price.If you find any other Manufacturer,Chat to Us to BEAT them.

We can also cut these 3 meter lengths,as a value added service at a small fee of R20 per cut.

Scary Double Sword Wall Spikes

Scary Double Sword Wall Spikes

Our Scary Double Sword Wall Spikes is available upon request (price on request,depending on height and lenght).

These Scary Double Sword Wall Spikes is available direct to the public and being manufactured upon request.

We manufacture these DOUBLE SWORD spikes daily therefore order early,as it must still be sent out for galvanising that takes up to 10 working days.

Please Note : These Double Scary Sword Wall Spikes is not yet readily available at your local hardware stores,however we anticipate to launch it shortly to all provinces and retail hardware outlets.

Buy direct all the above wall spikes from our Epping Cape Town factory showroom.

Trade and Bulk discounts are available on these already discounted wholesale prices.

Contact our Hardware trade sales consultants and enquire about our recently imported nails in 2 , 3 , 4 ,7 inch lenghts at only R410 per 25kg box and cloud nails at R540 per 25kg box.

Various Custom Make Gates and Burglar Bars

Various Custom Make Gates and Burglar Bars

We also manufactures various custom make Burglar bars,Security Gates and Steel fencing to customers requirements.

Horizontal Burglar Bars hides neatly behind Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal Burglar Bars hides neatly behind Horizontal Blinds

The above horizontal gates and burglars bars are becoming quite popular as it fades behind the horizontal blinds

Please Note : Our direct to the public Factory Showroom hours: only 4 hours daily from 8.30 am till 12.30am Monday to Friday.

Saturday : 9.30am till 1pm

Sunday’s : Closed

We deliver to all provinces in South Africa via reputable courier service providers with tracking numbers for complete piece for mind.

If you prefer creative steel gates and burglars bars , give us the opportunity to be part of your art piece in order to fabricate it for you.

Steel Fabrication and Art Work Department

Steel Fabrication and Art Work Department

We can even engrave or cut out your name or address into steel sheets or creative art work.

Create the art work and we try our best to meet your steel master piece Security Gate,Fencing or Burglar Bars.

Contact : Cape Town Factory showroom : 0215353454 or 0215349751 or 0614017735 (whatsap or cell)

Please Note: Wall spikes is highly dangerous and cause severe injuries.Customers must ensure that they comply to all regulations and laws to ensure the safety use of these spikes.

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