Sleeper Couches

Our Inhouse manufactured sleeper couches and Imported Sleeper couches

Buy direct our various sleeper couches at Significantly LOW Prices !

You must view these couches at our Satellite Showroom – as prices were reduced to make space for new stock.

Our Modern Square Steel Sleeper couches is available in the following colour steel frames,namely silver,white,silver vein,black,shocking red,blue and gun metal grey Now R2200 .

Our Futon mattress (various colours  available ) for these sleeper couches sells at only R1850 in a range of bull denim colours.

BCS Modern Steel Sleeper Couches available in various colours

BCS Modern Steel Sleeper Couches available in various colours

Our Designer Pillow Top Sleeper Couches:

Black Soft and Cosy PU Synthetic Leather Sleeper Couch  with Pillow Top

Black Soft and Cosy PU Synthetic Leather Sleeper Couch with Pillow Top

Black Pillow Top Synthetic PU Leather Sleeper Couch

Black Pillow Top Synthetic PU Leather Sleeper Couch

Selling Fast : Our above Sleeper Couches : Designer Comfortable Pillow Top Sleeper Couches ,soft and cosy with a luxurious comfy feel Now R 2 200 Save over R2000 .

Available colours :  Our interior decorating Plain Black and Brown (neutral colours) Synthetic Leather sleeper couches now in stock, by popular demand (shipping container currently being offloaded).

Don’t procrastinate, as stock is selling fast.

Our floral red and black flower designs are temporary out of stock.

These sleeper couches normally retails on special at most furniture outlets from R3500 to R4500, however we are selling these Imported Sleeper Couches Now at HALF PRICE with 2 scatter cushions and designer legs :

these soft comfortable sleeper couches are unlike those cheaper inferior sleeper couches, whereby you feel the frame!

Buy Now at only R2 200 until stock last!

Any back orders for furniture stores , bulk buyers or hotels cannot be committed at these prices for any  anticipated new import shipments.

Buy a complete customize L shape Lounge Suite with a Built in Sleeper Couch.

Unlike any other furniture store,select your own fabric, style and size.

Scroll arms sleeper couch

Scroll arms sleeper couch

We can accommodate various wall sizes in different designs of 2 seat couches in L shape or U shape couches for your lounge.

L Shape Couches and Normal Couch that converts into a Sleeper Couch

L Shape Couches and Normal Couch that converts into a Sleeper Couch

Come and speak to us for your customise sleeper couch in a L shape Couch or Two Seater Couch designs.

Create more sleeping space in our lounge, without any knowing that it converts into a bed or beds at night.

Various designs available.

A ” MUST HAVE ” in every home or guest house! We deliver to all provinces in South Africa at rediculously low prices!

Our Standard Designer Sleeper Couches:

These stunning Sleeper couches are available in Black and Chocolate Brown PU/ Synthetic Leather / Touch leather,as below

Our above Imported Designer Soft and Comfy Sleeper Couch in exclusive Leather Touch (Available in stock in Brown and Black), you must feel these couches, you’ll be astonished by the close resemblance of this exclusive leather touch fabric to actual genuine leather, in feel, touch and most of all comfort Now direct to the Public : R1 800 Save over R1400,yes comfort at its best.

Buy direct from us at Bedfords Importers,Manufacturers and Suppliers,now selling direct to the Public.

Bulk and Retail / Trade most welcome,early setllement discounts and trade rebates available!

Remember apart from our Imported Sleeper couches, we manufacture in – house various L shape lounge suites,day beds,chaise bea’s and Chesterfield deep diamond buttons couches at ridiculously low prices – a ” must have eye catching piece of furniture” in every interior decorating home -Visit our Couches and Lounge Suite page!

Please Note : All sleeper couches must be supported against a wall,as the brackets are primarily only for functional purposes.The only sleeper couches that are free standing are the trampoline design sleeper couches below.All replacement sleeper couch brackets and repairs are for the customer’s account,as these mechanism should last a life span if correctly used.

Arm rest Imported Sleeper couches (3 seater) below : Now R4200 Save over R1000 – manufactured in brown and black leather touch fabrics and the very same design arm sleeper couches in Genuine Leather Now R4500 (Brown and black in stock) Save Hundreds of Rands!

An additional feature of these practical armed sleeper couches – it provides storage space in their bases!

Please Note: All Sleeper Couches must be supported or positioned against a wall.Although all sleeper couches backrest are able to stand upright on its own – lateral support against a wall is a priority! This will reduce tension on its brackets and render a much longer mechanism lifespan. – Imported Replacement Brackets are readily available for your account!

Our Solid Pine Wood Sleeper Couches:

Wooden Sleeper Couches Now R2 950 in Solid Pine Wood Save over R2500 (available in Sprayed White,Natural Clear Pine,Honey oak and Mahogany)

(available in White and Mahogany colours)

Futons for these stunning and practical wooden Sleeper Couches are available Cambridge Bull Denim in an array of colours, Now at R1 850 !

The old futons that we used to make with cotton or grey wodding, were made up of layers ( putting one layer on top of each other). The cotton mills closed down around 6 years ago and no manufacturing plant as per our knowledge has been making cotton layer futons since.

A futon with foam chips was introduced into the market.

All our foam chips futons are encased in a Dacron bag and covered in bull denim material.

Buy direct from us at Ridiculously LOW PRICES

or Decide on a Complete New Lounge Suite

or Buy a Free Standing Designer Sleeper Couch with build in Imported Sleeper couch mechanisms as below which includes a 50 white lined mattress in various couch designs!

Buy any of our 4 popular contemporary Trampoline Sleeper Couches designs below Now at R4200 (this price of R4200 excludes the sleeper couch mechanism cost amounting to R1500) Save over R3000 and excludes your 14 meters of fabric or genuine leather to be supplied by you or bring in your couch design with a twist for an quote -Save Thousands of Rands – direct from us! Buy what you really want in…YOUR CHOICE of fabric or genuine leather at HALF PRICE !

Size: (size +/- 1.4 meters wide by +/- 1.9 meters in lenght)

Please Note: Any deep buttoning or other designs on sleeper couches will be additional for your account!

Unlike in most stores ,we manufacture these sleeper couches with matching chairs or 3 seater couches to your requirements -buy something you’ll treasure and receive forever compliments from visitors and friends!

Good Quality Upholstery fabrics ranges from R20 to R50 per meter! We recommend wholesale Upholstery Suppliers for even more cost savings!

Benefits :From our expertise and exposure with our Hotel and Guest house clientele ,we found these type of Imported Mechanism are much better than the pull out wheels sleeper couch mechanisms, that tends to jam after several use!

Buy direct various Beds,Tables,Couches,Baby Cots and interior decorating household furniture from us at Bedfords Importers,Manufacturers and National Suppliers at 90% of the time at HALF its retail PRICES !

Trade and Bulk discounts available as well! Retailer’s welcome – stock rebates!

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