Baby Cots and Compactums

Why pay double the Price? …Buy now direct from us  – “Bedfords Importer,Manufacturers and Supplier to the Baby Stores !

We deliver to all major cities,namely Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, PE, East London,Pretoria,Polokwane,Bloemfontein etc. at only R110 for any camp cot and from R175 to R895 for baby cots that converts into kiddy beds or pick up yourself from our warehouses or satelitte showroom.

View and buy direct at HALF PRICE various Baby Cots, Beds, Rocking Chairs, Couches, Baby Compactums and Household Furniture from our Cape Town Warehouse or Satellite Factory Showroom in Epping.

Our Baby Cots starts from UNBELIEVABLE prices,Now direct to the Public from R799 for our European Safety Standard Camp Cots with bassinet level and extra’s (Baby Safety must be your first priority) and our Designer Wooden Cute Sleigh and Square Baby Cots with 3 adjustable levels that converts into a kiddy bed and couch at R1880 Save over R2000.

Our Standard Sleigh Cot in curved bases with  3 adjustable levels that converts into a kiddy bed , as above (first picture) Now R2400 Save over R2500  – available in White and Mahogany at no extra cost! Size : 900mm high (sleigh cot leg) x inside measurements : 1300 mm lenght and 660mm wide

Our Exclusive and Patented Baby Cots and Furniture are imported,license and manufactured in accordance to European quality industry safety standards with no visible screws, lateral structural support, first grade mdf / super wood and in solid wood which are not found on replica or inferior baby cots and furniture. Remember baby’s safety must be your first priority!

Beware and inform us of any replica’s / copies of our baby cots and furniture, as it’s infringes registered patents and exposes Baby to significant safety risks! Buy direct from us as Importer, Manufacturer and National Suppliers to the Baby and Furniture Stores at HALF PRICE!

Standard Sleigh Baby Cots in Straight bases as below: Now R2200 Save over R2000  (Mdf - super wood / hand sprayed) available in White and Mahogany at no extra cost!

Size: 900mm high (sleigh cot leg) x inside measurements  1300mm length x 660 mm wide

All Sleigh Baby Cots adjusts to three different levels and easily converts into kiddy beds and benches!

High Sleigh Baby Cot below: that converts into kiddy bed with 3 adjustable levels in straight base Now R2600 Save over R2300

This high sleigh cot is also available in the curved base : Now R2800 Save over R2400

Size: 1000 mm / 1 meter high (sleigh leg) x inside measurements 1300mm length x 660mm wide

Come and view our newly released Cute Square Baby Cots with round edge headboards in White and Mahogany with 3 adjustable levels that converts into a kiddy bed and couch Now at R1780 Save over R1800 (pictures not yet available – excellant space saver and could be used as a co sleeper next to your bed)

Our range of Cute Sleigh Cots arrived (pictures not yet available – excellant space saver and could be used as a co sleeper next to your bed) with 3 adjustable levels that converts into a kiddy bed and couch Now R1880 Save over R3000 – Sleigh Cots

Please Note: The benefits of buying our Wooden imported and in - house manufactured Sleigh and Contemporary baby cots as above and below:

  • 3 in 1:  baby cot converts into kiddy beds and later into a kiddy bench.
  • 3 adjustable levels , for easy pick up of baby without putting to much strain on the back and ideal for caesarean mommies.
  • unlike a camp cot with a limited lifespan ,whereby Baby cries hysterically at the age of +/- 1 year and 6 months, all our Designer Wooden Baby Cots side rails could be removed to allow baby ‘s freedom and makes bed training so much easier, as baby would be familiar with the baby cot’s surroundings.
  • during the bed training phase , some parents prefers to secure one side rail whereby the cot could be turned around to create an secure baby caged in environment, when needed.
  • longer use, as baby could use it up to 4 or 5 years, any parents dream !
  • manufactured in super wood ( the same strong super wood is used on our adult sleigh beds)
  • baby safe paints
  • available in Mahogany and White at no extra cost!

Buy first time the correct baby cot and Save HUNDREDS of Rands!

Our Sleigh Baby Cot with drawers below : Now  selling direct to the Public

- in stunning baby safe hand sprayed paints in super wood with:

- 2  drawers at R2600 Save over R3000

- 3 drawer Now R2800 Save over R3200

Size: 900mm (sleigh leg) x inside measurements 1300mm length x 660mm wide

Various Imported HALF PRICE Baby Camp Cots and Designer Solid Pine Wood Cots - that converts into a junior beds , 3/4 beds and  double size beds ….. to be found after our Rocking chairs below:

Our Basic Chelino Lilo Camp Cots Now R799 direct to the Public:

Various Designer Chelino Camp Cots Below with below with changers,mosquito nets and mp3 players

Delivery of any Camp cot Now R110 each to any province in South Africa and Delivery of Baby cots that converts into kiddy beds,3/4 beds and double beds from R150 to R875 depending on your address.Send us your address for a delivery quotation or collect direct from our showrooms.

For the Busy Mom and Dad this is a huge delivery cost saving,taking in respect your time,fuel cost,wear and tear on your vehicle or for a more personal touch come view and collect our range at our Public showroom.

Our Fiesta Range Chelino Designer 3 wheeler Prams without car seats,with cup holders for mom and baby and shopping basket Now R999 REFER TO OUR BABY PRAM WEBPAGE

Our Camp Cots and Baby Prams arrived - As Importers,Manufacturers and Suppliers to the Baby Stores…we are selling now direct to the Public ! Any price found cheaper anywhere…tell us and we will beat the price!

Siesta Range Chelino Baby Camp Cot as below  (Various designs and Colours available)  Now R1100 with : Accessory holder,Mosquito net,Carry bag,On wheels,Toy Bar,Folds compactly and Change Mat

Although Camp Baby Cots lifespan and usage is limited as noted above , it’s excellent for travelling or at Parents, Friends or Family homes – always keep baby’s safety in mind….easily fits into a bag for storage or in the boot of your car! It folds up into a bag – the size of a men’s arm’s length and in thickness,the size of a ruler.

Our various Baby Prams are available immediately to the GENERAL PUBLIC from our Epping showroom at rediculously low prices :

VIEW our Designer range of baby prams and car seats via our BABY PRAM AND CAR SEAT WEBPAGE, some samples below:

Our Eco Buggy Chelino baby stroller pram that reclines into a sleeping position Now R499 Save over R300 – could be use from birth.Available in plain black,terquise and red.

Our stunning Lazer range Chelino stroller prams Now R599 with additional food tray with extra’s :

Our 3 wheeler Urban Detour JPS Chelino outdoor terrian prams below with car seat and rain hood Now R2850 Save over R500 …even when they on special at most baby stores! The back wheels of these prams easily clips out and make it one of the smallest prams on the market to fit the smallest boot space,example the Toyota Yaris and Golf ! Buy direct and Save !

Very practical to use in the shopping malls and around the beach front! This is the most practical pram to buy,light weight,stylish sport design and comfort!

Come and View our another designer prams on sale direct to the Public!

Many more designer prams below our Baby Cots and Compactums and at our showroom – you’ll feel as if you are walking down the catwalk with these 3 wheeler running (very practical with pump up wheels) and designer prams above and below!

Find our Reversible Prams Now R699,yes R699 and our Designer T Prams with removable seat that converts into a carry cot and removable car seat after our baby cots Now R3999 Save over R1000 below.

Solid Pine Wood Baby Cots ( white , honey oak and natural pine) that converts into kiddy beds Now R1500 Save over R2000 – for those that loves Solid Wood – loving clean square line cots with a  mystical touch - cots are displayed at the showroom!

Chest of drawers ( 5 drawers) in White Now R599 with Impact beige or White Edging Save over R600 and many more Designer compactums below!

Round Sleigh Baby Cots above - 3 adjustable levels and converts into kiddy beds Now R2500 Save over R2300 ,price them at your retail outlets….they HALF PRICE direct from us, as direct Importers, Manufacturers and Suppliers to the Baby Stores – the differences from the Sleigh Cots above, is that the Round Sleigh Cot’s headboards and bases are manufactured from one piece of wood !

Our Sleigh and Designer Wooden baby cots are manufactured in flat pack form, for easy transportation with your car – Save on Transport Cost!

Safety Notice : The first two levels of the cots must only be used up until 6 months of baby’s age and subsequently be drop to lowest level,or as soon as baby shows any sign of pulling on the top bar of your cots.These adjustable cots acts as cribs during the first 6 months of baby’s infant months and subsequently as a sleeping cot,playpen and especially for bed training purposes when one or both of the side rails are removed.Please ensure ample soft safety mats or cushions are positioned around the cot for bed training purposes for minimal impact, to mitigate the risks of toddler (2.5 to 5 years) rolling from the low base.Toddler’s safety must always be a top priority.

Our above Two Tone Baby Cots with 2 drawers are also available in complete white or complete mahogany.

Two Tone Designer Baby Cots as above are manufactured with 2 or 3 drawers with wooden knobs or soft silver handles, 3 adjustable levels and converts into kiddy beds Now selling at R2800 Save over R2700 !

Excellent for parent’s to be,whereby daddy to be favor’s mahogany and mommy to be favor’s white, a win – win interior decorating Designer Baby Cot with a modern classical touch !

The Two Tone Cot with the 3 drawers and veneer headboards is a limited edition ( only available until stock last).

The stunning 2 drawer cot in Two Tone,Complete White or Mahogany with wooden knobs or silver handles will be an on - going production and still be sold direct to the Public at HALF PRICE Now at R2800 Save over R2700

We also stock the matching Two Tone Compactums above in carved out matching sides with  wooden mahogany knobs or matching sliver handles (customer’s choice) Now at R2800 or in complete White (entire unit sprayed in white) or complete Mohagany (entire unit sprayed in Mahogany ) at R2300 Save over R2400.Our Contemporary square modern baby cot as above, that converts into a kiddy bed with Square Headboards, 1 long drawer and adjustable levels in White or Mahogany :

Now R2500 Save over R2300 – It’s a real stunner and matches our Square Wide Edge Compactum below, for those loving the contemporary modern stylish look !

Our Contemporary Square compactums - for those that loves the square lines - Eco friendly classical look with a broad outside border and cut out handles , Now selling direct to the public at R2600 Plain White or Mahogany or Two Tone Now R2600 Save over R2300 !

Please Note : The benefits / advantage of All Wooden Sleigh and Two Tone Cots that converts into kiddy beds with adjustable levels…yes kiddy beds and later use it as a kiddy bench as mentioned above !

Please Note: Baby Cots could be set up at our showroom from R70 or at your home at standard delivery fee depending on the distance from our showroom starting from R200 plus set up cost!

Sleigh Compactum below: More Compactums and Baby Cots in the middle of web page:

Elegant Sleigh Compactum (available in Mahogany and White) as above with smooth curve back wall detail and 2 towel rails, 3 drawers and 1 door : Now R1820 Save over R2000

Our Removable Sleigh Sides Baby Compactum in white and mahogany,with removable baby changer and towel rails Now R2400 Save over R3000 as above :

These HALF PRICE SPECIALS are only valid from 10 June 2015 to the 10 July 2015 or until stock last

Excess Manufactured from Export Production Order ( Quality and craftsmanship  of these units are amazing)

Benefits of this Sleigh Compactum unit above :

  • available in Mahogany and White
  • includes the detachable / removable changing station unit on top of the compactum
  • this changing station unit reduces the risk of the bath slipping off the compactum, for comfort and peace of mind.
  • secure your soft baby changing mat into this unit , when changing baby!
  • practical and ease on the lower back , especially subsequent to baby’s birth !

When baby out grows the unit , you don’t sit with a baby unit in a toddler room – use the changing detachable station as a shoe tray under your bed (add to it little castor wheels, which is readily available at most hardware stores)

  • remove the sleigh sides if needed , quite versatile and flexible for interior decorating purposes !

Now R2400 Save over R3000 (Place your order NOW or reserve your goods telephonically to avoid disappointment)

This removable sides Sleigh Compactum matches our above Curved and Straight base Sleigh cots.

The above prices on these matching Sleigh Baby compactums were further reduced below HALF PRICE (excess export supply) Now direct to the Public at R2400  Save over R3000


Full Sleigh Compactum (Mahogany and White) that matches our full sleigh cots without towel rail and with detachable / removable changing station, as above Now R2600 Save over R2500

The Full Sleigh Compactum has the same enormous benefits as the above Removable Sleigh Sides Compactums , however the Sleigh Sides cannot be removed !

- the Full sleigh compactums sleigh sides (headboard) and base of the compactum is manufactured from one piece of wood which is identical as the Full Sleigh baby cot.

Please Note : We do not despatch the Full Sleigh Compactums to out of Cape Town clients (under no circumstances).

We only despatch the Removable Sleigh sides compactums and the Elegant Sleigh compactums for out of Cape Town clients, as the decorative Sleigh sides are removable and are much safer to be delivered.Potential risks of damages are mitigated, as the removable Sleigh decorative side are removed and seperately packed when ship. We found that courier drivers have a tendency to damage the Full Sleigh Compactums, whereby its incorrectly picked up at their decorative Sleigh sides.

The towel rails are extra cost, amounting to R60 each for the Full and Curve base matching sleigh compactums- The Elegant Sleigh Compactum of R1820 ,the towel rail is included ….yes we are selling at HALF its retail prices!

Our Solid Pine Wood Baby Cots that converts into 3/ 4 Beds below:

Our above Baby Cot that converts into 3/4 beds are manufactured and imported in Solid Wood and is available in White , Honey Oak , Mahogany and Natural Stunning Pine Now selling at R2600 Save over R2000

The above Baby compactums and Chest of drawers are all manufactured in Solid Pine Wood and matches our Solid Wood Baby Cots- for those loving the ambience, natural grain imperfections and distinct indents of Solid Wood to match your laminating or wood flooring , its stunning.

Please click on these individual pictures above for a much better view of these matching Solid Pine HALF PRICE units direct to the Public. Look closely at the craftsmanship , in respect of the carving on the edges of these drawer’s fronts and top’s of these remarkable solid wood chest of drawers and baby compactums.

First Picture with carved lines on door,  as above (click on picture to enlarge to view the lines on the door): Now R2200 Save over R2300 which excludes the top box lip detachable bath /changer unit.The Top matching detachable bath / changer Now R200 each.Therefore this Solid Wood Compactum with the Top Box lip will be clearing direct to the Public at R2200 Save Hundreds of rands.

Second to Fourth Picture:

3 drawers and 2 top split drawers Now R1650 Save over R1200 – a must see to appreciate the quality and feel.

4 drawers and 2 top split drawers Now R1850

5 drawers and 2 top split drawers Now R2100 Save over R2000

Please Note:We manufacture and import our Sleigh and Contemporary Baby Cots and Adult Sleigh beds in first grade Mdf (Superwood) with smooth hand sprayed finishes.

The removable changing station ( top box ) compactum below, which is the same as the first picture above , was designed for the baby bath and changing mat and ensure that the bath does’nt slip off the unit.These top boxes could also be used as a shoe tray underneath a bed , just add some castor wheels when baby outgrows the unit. A real benefit just like the sleigh compactums with removable top boxes and much safer than the old build in bath units that drops into the units due to water spilage on wood,water exposure to hinges and weight of baby. A real safety hazard.

Remember BABY SAFETY must be your first priority and also a real benefit for Mommies back.

This removable TOP changing station compactum with lips Now R2600 and without the removable changing station Now R2400 was designed to ensure that baby bath’s do not slip off the compactum and renders a degree of comfort to Caesarean Mommies healing process when changing or bathing baby!

Please note: The old design compactums with Build in baths with collapsible Tops rendered the risks, whereby the Tops could potentially collapse onto baby…. as hinges are expose to water and wears out or the bath filled with water could drop into the unit….therefore the above compactums were designed with the help received from various Mommy’s to ensure that the units are practical and priority is place on baby’s safety !

No drawer space are therefore sacrificed for temporary use of baby baths or changing mats! Safety, Quality and at Half Price…what more could any parent ask for?

5 drawer White Basic chest of drawers at R599 Save over R600 – View these at our Epping showroom and our Pine chest of drawers at R799 Save over R900

First view the rest of our Various Half Price Baby Cots below:

Trade and Bulk discounts available as well! Retailer’s welcome – stock rebates! Call our showroom and reserve your cots, as our store clients are unpredictable when they order from us for stock purposes. Avoid the Saturday’s rush and disappointment!

A range of Imported Components Wooden Baby Cots and Camp Cots are also available from Excess supply – reduced to clear below HALF PRICE direct to the Public !

Sunrise Cots with carved out vertical lines on headboards – adjustable to 3 levels and converts into kiddy beds Now R2200 Save Thousands of Rands!

Sunrise Compactums with carved out vertical lines on its sides Now R2500,yes Save over R2500…price them at your retail store,well sell them below HALF PRICE

We clearing old designs at ridiculously low prices - ALL BRAND NEWor decide on a design and we manufacture it for YOU at ridiculously low price – as we do the work ourselves unlike most others!

Our Camp Cots: Why pay more … buy direct from us as National Suppliers to the Baby Stores!

See our Designer Monza range Chelino Prams below,these designer prams retails from R3800 to R8 000 yes R8 000 for similar pram designs Now selling direct to the Public at R2 800. Buy direct and Save!

Our Designer Twister Chelino Prams below Now R4200 Save between R500 to R1000

Available in 3 colours : black,green and blue

The seat converts into a carry cot,sun canopy,360 degree twist handle,multiple position back rest and shopping basket.

The Designer Twister Chelino Range were recently launched in Europe with the latest Black Frame and colours,

Please Note: The silver frame Designer Twister Chelino pram above is only for illustration purposes, ONLY the following two pram COLOURS with black frames in stunning TERQUISE AND GREEN to follow the latest European trend,as below:

  • More Stunning Baby Cots  below – after our Rocking Chairs!

The Rocking Chair – A MUST HAVE IN EVERY NURSERY – Perfect for breast feeding and any Mommies dream to rock baby to sleep with comfort and ease – VIEW OUR FULL RANGE VIA OUR ROCKING CHAIR AND GLIDER CHAIR WEBPAGE !

Our Classic Wood Rocking Chair below Now from R999 to R2000 Various back support designs that varies in height …VIEW VIA OUR ROCKING CHAIR WEB PAGE Save hundreds of rands….These chairs excludes the high back cushions for extra comfort - come and feel it at our showroom with a sample cushion ,it’s a “must have” in any baby room - it’s one of the most popular chairs,as it renders ideal rocking feature,comfort and easy stand up posture when putting baby to sleep!

Our Standard Wing back Rocking chairs below, in high back for extra support in the colour and fabric of your choice Now: R2200  Save over R2500 (excludes your own 8 meters of fabric to be supplied by you…  fully upholstered chairs with our exclusive imported rocking mechanisms VIEW OUR RANGE OF ROCKING CHAIRS VIA OUR ROCKING CHAIR AND GLIDER CHAIR WEBPAGE).

Extra Soft matching Foot rest / Ottomans available from R495 (excluding fabric to be supplied by you!) ….only the best for mommy’s comfort and baby!

Please Note: Our Wooden Baby Cots that converts into kiddy beds is most practical and highly recommended to buy,as baby would be using these cots from birth which will subsequently / later be converted into a kiddy bed for bed training and a couch!

To observe Baby getting in and out of their own little bed is soo cute and a learning experience for Baby to sleep in his /her own little bed, considering Baby would be familiar to the Baby Cot enviroment from child birth.It’s interior decorating and perfect with matching compactums for baby clothes and vests.

Please call our showroom to check availability before payment is made.

Our Chelino Delux Designer Camp Cots below : Now R1899 (Orange and beige (official name : Mesa and Sky Blue and beige ,called the Skylar Baby Cots) Save over R1000 …Please make reference to the correct names and also reiterate the colour to avoid despatch errors when you place your order telephonically or via email… WE DESPATCH TO ALL PROVINCES AND NEIGHBOURING COUNTRIES via various COURIERS wih detail tracking numbers for easy follow up of your order….ORDER NOW DIRECT AND SAVE …various delivery options exist,namelhy door to door or via post office to your nearest post office,for cost savings.

  • Suitable from birth up to 5 years
  • Music
  • Accessory holders
  • Mosquito net
  • Bassinette
  • Change mat
  • Nightlight
  • MP3 input

Our Chelino Delux Chelino Camp Cot Range Colours below,includes the same features as our Mesa (orange and brown) and Skylar (blue and brown) range Camp Cots above,also selling direct to the Public : Now R1899 (Please Note : These camp cots features includes the melody mobile on the hood and mp3 input shocket) below:

6 in 1 Camp Cot that converts into kiddy bed as per the poster above (available in pink,blue and green and brown

Now selling from R1850, please note the 6 in 1 cots prices consitently increases or decreases due to the fluctuations in the exchange rates at the date of arrival - Save Hundreds of Rands

Call us to find out when our next load of 6 in 1 cots arrives or reserve your cot by securing it with a small deposit, as our customers are unpredictable when they order large quantities for stock purposes !

  • Suitable from birth up to 3 years
  • Carry cot

  • Wheels with brakes
  • Mosquito net
  • Toy bar
  • Change mat
  • Two level base
  • Converts into little Toddler bed…whereby the one side drop down for easy baby access in and out of cot!

To reiterate, our Wooden Designer Cots that converts into kiddy beds are much more feasible/ better than this 6 in 1 cot,considering the Wooden sleigh or contemporary cots’ longer lifespan,easy to touch up when scratch,converts into a kiddy bed and various sizes to fit next to the bed or in baby’s own nursery room.

Our Close N Cozy Chelino Camp Cots…NO MORE BED SHARING,having baby right next to you : ( 1. Star and 2. Tree and Buck Designs) Now R1899 Save over R2000 – These units are occasional further reduced as and when new shipping container stock arrives – depending on fluctuation of the Rand,if you find any similar cot being sold any place in the market ….tell us and we reduce the price - Chelino PRAMS AND CAMP COTS are EUROPEAN SAFETY STANDARDS CERTIFIED and carries 6 MONTHS to ONE YEAR WARRANTY on components / only components.Warranty applies to wheels,clips of hanger of holders and mechanism etc. will be replace (can take up to 4 working weeks,as the products must be sent in by you for repair).No warranties exists of any PRAMS OR CAMP COTS fabrics,toys – musical mobiles or lights on camp cots,changers (white plastic sheets – for clarity,due to water exposure that results to the softening the treads that keeps the plastic material intact,therefore dry your changer consistently after use).These warranties are within reasons,as fabrics,toy mobiles on camp cots and water proof sheets of changer, will be expose to various elements,water,milk etc.

BUY now our Chelino range that complies to international safety standards (EU safety standards),professional service and at the lowest price !

  • Suitable from birth up to 3 years
  • Bassinette
  • Musical mobile
  • Vibration
  • Nightlight
  • Change mat
  • Accessory holders
  • Mosquito net
  • Mp3 input
  • Removable Tray that could be used on its own as below next to the bed

Close N Cozy Chelino Designer range Camp Cots Now R1899 Save Hundreds

Solid Wood Cupboards to match your baby cot:

Most interior decorators love’s a matching compactum, chest of drawers and Solid Wood Cupboards with their Solid Wood baby cots and flooring.

Solid Pine Wood Cupboards with doors in curved out lines on the doors or square blocks on doors as below with 1 hanging rail and 3 or 2 shelves in all the above colours:  Now R3000 Save over R2000.

Please Note : For the love of Solid Wood , natural imperfection in the grain or small indents will always be visible on these units, as a distinct character for the love of Solid Wood.

3 Popular designer handles are also available for that unique finishing touch or bring your own designer handles!

Our Shippping Containers arrived with Various Brand New Camp Cots arrived from R499 to R1999!

Our Chelino range of Brown Monkey,Beige and Lime Sea Horse and Pink Teddy Bear and Grey and Red Chelino Camp Cot range below, Now Selling direct to the Public at R1300 Save Hundreds of Rands.

You might be surprise to find something,exclusively better at our Epping showroom at a much better price with additional features.Come and View our range! Buy direct and Save!

Why pay double the price – Buy direct from us  as Importers,Manufacturers and National Suppliers to most baby stores !

Our exclusive Designer Cupboard Knobs to create that “Perfect Room Make Over” in minutes Now R29 each – could be used on cupboards,baby compactums,lamp shades,bins and accessories! Find them any place cheaper ….as you might find them overseas , tell us and  we will reduce the price !

Our Moses Cribs are also available direct to the Public…ranging from R599 in either Bamboo or Quality Strand Plastic.Our Mahogany and White Cribs with full hood sells at R780 each and with  stands,white cutie frill lining set and mattress and stand Now at R1599 and without the hood at R1550,as below:

Colour lining : Additional R50

The Bed guard is suitable for all ages to use for Bed Sharing with Mom or Dad or when your child transition from the cot to a bed.

Now clearing at R350  Save hundreds direct from us!

The latest in bed gaurd rail technology is now available to reduce the Risk of Baby rolling of the bed or when Baby Sleeps with Mom.

Features include:

  • Non-slip rubber feet end grips
  • Sturdy powder coated frame
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Folds down for easy access
  • Fits most beds / all size beds

It is easy to set up, no tools required and assembles in minutes. It folds down for easy access to the bed and can be used on platform beds as well as regular beds and fits twin to queen sized mattresses

Our wooden smooth hand sprayed safety rails : Short Rail Now R370 and Long Rail Now R420  (available in white and mahogany) ! Refer to the single bed webpage

Our Carry cots – Ideal for couples visiting relatives late at night or those provinces experiencing summer and winter on the same day!

Designer Carry Cots: Now R380

Exclusive Carry Cots: Now R420

Call now our showroom to reserve YOUR cots at HALF its retail prices ….as our baby and furniture store clients are unpredictable when they order from us – Trade and Bulk discounts available !

Our R799….”must have” Camp Cots below : with bassinet level just arrived and is a necessity when baby sleeps at Grand Ma or Day Mom …Safety first! ..Buy Now or Call our Showroom at 021 535 3454 or 021 534 9751 to reserve your one..Buy direct from us as Importer,Manufacturer and National Suppliers to the Baby Stores and Save Hundreds of Rands. Call Now!

Don’t forget to view our AUSTRALIAN IMPORTED BABY COTS THAT CONVERTS VIA OUR BABY PRAM SECTION WITH AMAZING FEATURES HALF PRICE furniture, double bunk beds, sleeper couches, sleigh beds, fold up tables (8 seater), designer couches and furniture direct to the Public via our other web pages,on the side and top tabs.

Buy now to avoid disappointment,call our Epping showroom to reserve your products. All friends and family must know!

Our Reversible Handle Stunning Chelino Baby Prams below – see baby or give baby a chance to appreciate the view Now R699, yes R699 (no mistake -direct to the Public) Save Hundreds of Rands

View our new range of Designer Baby Prams via our Baby Prams webpage.Why pay more,BUY DIRECT FROM US AS IMPORTERS,MANUFACTURERS AND NATIONAL SUPPLIERS AND SAVE HUNDREDS OF RANDS. Do not use the Reply box below…rather contact us via our Cape Town Showroom on 021 534 9751 or 021 535 3454 or our Marketing department at and one of our sales consultants will contact you

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